Selling $250 Million Of Products to 150,000+ Customers In 131 Countries Has Taught Me This…

Most will agree that selling is not very high up on the list of things we wish to do.

Yet, to have a successful business (or a successful life!)... you have to put up your big boy or girl pants and sell as much as you can and then some - because, as you know…

Nothing happens until someone sells something!

So here’s my promise to you.

  • First, I’ll turn selling from a chore into something you’ll have fun with. Selling will no longer be a dirty word uttered in quiet desperation… instead you’ll want to do it, knowing full well that you’re positively adding to this world.
  • Then, I’ll make people want to buy from you. I’ll give you the keys to the kingdom and I’ll clear the road for you and lay a red carpet on it for you to walk on into that kingdom. In other words, I’ll make selling EASY and FUN for you.
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So no matter what business you’re in, you’re going to experience a huge boost in sales if you’re already making some… and if you’re not (yet!) then you very likely will start seeing some. Provided you act, of course.

In fact, this will change your life for the better even if you never end up starting a business.

Like it or not, our everyday lives consist of selling something to somebody… or selling someone on an idea… or selling them on a different version of themselves.

(Just ask any parent who has tried to get their kids to tidy up their room, do their homework, and go to bed on time. Full time sales job!)

The biggest part of making a sale is dealing with your customers’ objections - or preventing them from occurring in the first place.

But first...

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Why Most Marketers Are Not Seeing Success - And Probably Never Will (OUCH!)

And you might not like hearing this. Very few people do, by the way.

But deep down inside, you’ll know it’s the truth - and no matter how you feel about it, ignoring this will mean your blood, sweat and tears spent on your business goes down the drain.

Let’s get into it.

Most marketers suffer from at least one of these:

  • Selling just doesn’t feel right so you don’t do it… or worse, subconsciously sabotage yourself when you try to do it. So even though you work long hours, nothing really happens in your online business - or perhaps even in your life (because remember - we’re selling all the time!)
  • You can’t seem to get any traction. Somehow, you don’t feel able to connect to your audience. Somehow, people on your list just don’t seem to stick. So you’re not making sales because there’s no people on your list… and there’s no people on your list because you’re not making sales - at the very least, on the idea that they should stay on your list.
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Would you agree that if I was able to solve all the above for you in one fell swoop, your business would take off to the stratosphere and beyond? Of course. By the time we’re done here…

You’re going to be able to all but eliminate the role of chance in your business, make almost any system or approach work (no more shiny object syndrome!), and laugh at seismic global events - because you’ll have the skill that will keep the lights on whatever happens.

Sounds good? So here’s what we’re going to do.

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How To IMMEDIATELY Double, Triple, Quadruple, or 10x+ Your Sales And Make Your Audience Stick Around Eager To Hear From You

What we’re going to focus on is eliminating customer objections to anything you might want to sell.

Or as I like to say… we will be downright murdering the objections. You heard me. I don’t like to handle objections, I don’t like dealing with objections, I even dislike eliminating them. I want to go at them full bore and prevent them from even occurring if I can.

Once you do that…

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketer, your sales will double, triple, quadruple, 10x and beyond… as people won’t be able to find reasons to say no to you and will have all the reasons in the world to say YES as they open up their wallet.

By the way, it doesn’t matter what exactly you sell. Amazon, infoproducts, services, coaching, ecommerce… we’re dealing with sales here. And a sale is a sale is a sale.

The amount of traffic you get will also shoot up as your audience will suddenly fall in love with what you say and how you say it. You will be able to create environments where they feel heard, understood, and helped.

The best part is you’ll do it genuinely. This is not about manipulating anybody!

Or perhaps you’re a copywriter. Now, you’re in for a treat as you’ll discover how to eliminate sales objections every other copywriter will miss… and your clients will notice!

Even if you’re none of the above yet… this is kind of a must-have training for everyone who is ever going to sell anything - even if all you want to do is to sell your kids on the idea of tidying up their rooms without being asked.

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Why does all this work so well for almost anything you do online?

  • Selling will feel right. Like second nature. You will no longer sell from the head… but from the heart. Because you’ll know it’s the right thing to do for your prospects.
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  • You will get massive traction faster than that fat tire on the back wheels of a drag race car. Once people hear from you they will want more of you. Your list will grow. And even better your open rates and your click through rates will grow, too!
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  • You will no longer be taking chances when you’re selling. Instead, you’ll aim straight for the bullseye, hitting your audience’s needs with eerie accuracy - and you’ll help them solve their problems while cashing fatter and fatter checks.
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What People Are Saying

Rachel Rofe

Rachel Rofe

“I had a great time at Murder The Objection and got an ROI several times over from both the content and in deals I made with other attendees.

I always love learning from Jason - he's brilliant and has an approach that many other people don't. I love how he zigs where others zag - my mind was abuzz with ideas after the event and putting them into action has been very profitable.”

I got so much out of Jason's frameworks, his vocabulary, mindset, the mentality to handle objections... It was a great experience - I made new friends, everything was perfect, worth every penny!

Ollie Rodriguez

Ollie Rodriguez

Chief Operations Officer @ AGM Marketing

In the world of marketing, the person I admire the most is Jason. So I jumped at the opportunity to be there for a couple of days - and it was out of this world, incredible value. [..] I am a co-founder of a supplement company that does 50 million dollars a year in revenue, and Jason was the one who started all this for me.

Manuel Suárez

Manuel Suárez

CEO at AGM Agency

The very next Sunday I was able to sell 117 people into a $15k program. If my math is right, that's 1.755, and I used exactly what Jason taught me. [..] I can't imagine a better way to spend your money.

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

CEO at

My business is in a different place because of the material I learned in the room with not only Jason but with people who were multi-multi-multi-millionaires.

Deven Rodriguez

Deven Rodriguez

Motivational Speaker

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This might not be for you if…

Listen. I’m not just doing the so-called “takeaway selling” shtick here. I genuinely believe that there are certain cases where paying your hard earned money for these recordings of “Murder The Objection” live event will not make sense for you.

And I want to explore them with you before you say “Yes” today.

You’re welcome to watch the free recording to get a feel for it, however make sure you understand what this is and what this isn’t before you invest in the full collection of recordings

  • You’re NOT prepared to learn in a “live” event setting - even though this is a recording, there’s a certain rawness that stems from the fact it was done live. Most people will appreciate it because they’re getting extra emotions, extra information, extra applicable insight from the live interactions with the audience... but that also means occasional foul language. If you can’t tolerate that - and you’ll see what I mean in the recordings… don’t invest
  • You need a polished course to succeed. Nothing wrong with that, but again - this was a live event and while there were a lot of insights, they’re not structured in a neat powerpoint presentation and brought to you in 4k resolution.
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Other than that… I firmly believe that this training is a MUST for all entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, copywriters… anyone who ever sells anything, regardless of the medium. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not ready to act immediately. Get this anyway and have it handy for when the time comes.

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Live Event Recordings That Will Help You Get Massive Traction, Sell More While Enjoying Every Minute Of It, And Strike Your Audience’s Deepest Desires With Pinpoint Accuracy

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When you access the “Murder The Objection Tapes” as I like to call these full, unabridged recordings of the two day event I did for a room full of baller entrepreneurs…

… You’ll open up a box of insanely valuable money-getting, objection-destroying sales insights and strategies - some of which I’ve never shared publicly before!

Be warned, though.

  • “Insights/techniques/strategies per minute” ratio is insanely high here. You might want to watch this multiple times and implement a different takeaway every time.
  • These are live recordings of an event that was originally done for a live audience. So there’s occasional foul language. It’s also not this polished 4k HD video with perfect lighting. So if you can’t live with that, this training might not be for you. However for people who realize how valuable content like this can be for their business, this is going to be perfect.
Jason Fladlien

How do I know that? Well, for one, someone at that event felt they’re getting so much value out of it, they offered to pay ANOTHER $5,000 (on top of the original $5,000 investment they already made). Which I accepted, of course.

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Here’s Just a Small Taste Of What You’re Going To Discover…

Are you getting excited yet? So far, I’ve covered only a tiny sliver of what awaits you inside these recordings. There’s a lot more inside! I want to you pay very close attention to bullet #2 here, by the way…

Oh, but we’re just getting started here.

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Get Specific Tactics & Practical Application

We’re also going to do a deep dive into very specific tactics and immediate practical application. In fact, nothing in this training is dry theory… instead, you’ll often get more than one practical (and copyable!). Check this out:

At this point, I’ve maybe covered about 10% of what you’ll find in the course. But tell me this: even if this was it… don’t you think it would be well worth your investment today?

Here’s a sneak peek of what else you’re going to find inside these trainings:

… And much, much more!

The bottom line is this. We could spend all day here looking at the different things you’re going to discover when you join and get your access to these recordings.

However, if you’re the right person for this… You already are chomping at the bit and can’t wait to dig into these training sessions yourself.

So click on the button below and grab your immediate access pass now!

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PLUS: A Huge Digital Binder Of Sales Materials & Practical Examples

You’re also going to get a hefty digital binder of different sales materials, examples, and swipes that you can draw from for inspiration.

Whenever you feel stuck about how all this material can be applied to your business… just open up your digital binder and grab something that catches your eye. You’ll get going again immediately!

Some of the things inside:

Email Swipes
Webinar scripts
Presentation Files
And more!
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So What’s My Investment Today?

Considering all that we covered… do you think this sounds like a $5,000 training? You wouldn’t be wrong if that’s the case. Because that’s exactly what people paid to see this live!

In fact, even $10,000 wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. After all, someone did offer to pay me that after the first couple of sessions. (And I accepted, of course - as you should when you’re delivering insane value).

However, that’s not what your investment is today. It’s not even $3,500, or $2,500.

Today, you can get access to the whole thing (all the sessions + the digital binder) for just $1,500… which, if you’re the right fit for it, is going to pay for itself multiple times over in your next promotion.

NOTE: When you invest today, you’re GUARANTEED a 12 month access to these recordings online after the date of your investment.